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Health and Safety At Work

Slips and falls are the most common form of non-lethal workplace injury, resulting in over 18% of WorkCover claims. Despite this, many of these injuries could be prevented by using a good quality safety mat. Modern safety mats are tailored to a range of workplace settings such as kitchens, laundries, showers and more.  Mats used in wet areas will generally contain holes that allow the water to drain from the surface. Grease proof mats can help reduce slippage in kitchens and prevent the buildup of microbes. They can also reduce the amount of floor cleaning that is required wherever they are used. Safety mats should be used especially in areas where the floor is damaged or uneven, as these areas represent a trip hazard. Safety mats should be chosen for the amount of traction and slip resistance they provide. Mats are also now available that have a rubber backing and an attractive polypropylene surface. These can be used in areas where the appearance of the mat is important. Source:
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