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Guide To Chair Mats

Chair mats not only provide a hard surface so that a chair with wheels or casters can be moved easily, they also protect hardwood flooring from scratches and carpets from surface marks. Plastic chair mats are the most common, and although they can be heavy, they do tend to stay in place and provide a durable flat surface for the chair. The downside is their appearance as they don’t tend to be as attractive as mats made from natural materials such as bamboo. Bamboo chair mats are visually appealing, lightweight, and can be rolled up and easily stored, making them an attractive alternative to plastic. Wood is also used to produce mats, but the price of the mat can increase significantly depending on what kind of wood has been used. Shape can also have an impact on the pricing of the mat.  The most common shape for under desks is a square shape.  It’s possible to get custom shaped mats to accommodate the regular movements of a chair, and some round and differently-shaped mats will have a protruding section that extends under the desk.  This is to stop the front wheels of the chair from slipping off the mat onto the floor. Source:
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