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Choosing a Good Anti-Fatigue Mat

Many leg and back injuries result from people standing for long periods of time on harsh flooring. To reduce these injuries, many companies are now introducing anti-fatigue matting. There are a range of factors companies should consider when choosing the right mat for them.
  1. Ensure the mat is appropriate to the business. Many manufacturers now tailor mats for different environments, such as dry or wet. It’s important that the right mat be chosen for the environment in which it will be used.
  2. Avoid mats that are too hard or too soft. These mats can cause more health damage over time.
  3. Check the mat’s responsiveness. If the mat takes a long time to recover its original shape after being stepped on, it may not provide adequate support.
  4. Look for anti-static mats. These mats can improve safety in environments where electrical devices are used.
  5. Use mats that are chemical and slip resistant.
11 years ago