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Caring For Mats in Summer

In summer, many building managers employ ‘barefoot’ matting systems around pools, spas and other wet areas. These mats are often cleaned with a quick hose down, but this doesn’t remove all debris or bacteria films. With concerns about responsible water use, this approach may not even be an option for many. There a range of alternative methods much more suitable to the job of cleaning these mats.
  1. Hand cleaning. An all-purpose cleaner should be applied and given time to penetrate the mat. A stiff brush can also be used to help loosen stubborn debris before water is used to rinse away the chemicals.
  2. Steam cleaning. Steam can be used in shower areas and other locations where the spread of disease may be a concern.
  3. Degreasing. A degreaser should be used on very dirty mats, particularly in areas where food is served. The entire mat should be submerged in warm water and degreaser.
11 years ago