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Answering the questions of Chair Mat thickness

How thick are your chair mats? - this is a question that we are often asked at Mat Shop, there are two measurements that we can give when answering this question, the industry standard which measures only the thickness of the surface – excluding the grippers or spikes on the underside or the overall thickness which includes the small grippers underneath, this measure is given out unfortunately to make economical mats look good on paper! In actual fact the only measurement that is relevant to determine a chair mats quality is the thickness of the surface. This is the only part of the mat that is required to stand up to the load that is placed onto the mats. The length of the grippers underneath the mats does have to be taken into consideration when placing the mats on a very thin floor covering such as carpet tiles of direct stick carpet without underlay. If the grippers are too long, this will suspend the mat off the floor and cause premature wear or even result in early cracking. When looking for a quality chair mat that will stand up to the demands of standard everyday use the thickness of the mat is just as important as the quality and purity of the material that the mat is made from. To reduce production costs, budget chair mat producers will add plasticisers to fill the mat out give it extra flexibility and save them from using pure materials which cost more than a filler. Although both the quality and budget chair mats may look the same at a glance when new, over time discolouration occurs and the mats often become brittle and crack. All of the Heavy Duty range of chair mats that are offered on are made from pure materials and are extruded at least two times to remove any imperfections or impurities. This range is covered by a four (4) year written warranty meaning that we stand behind the products that we sell.
11 years ago