A shrunken OBEX tile can be seen in the background. The blog header reads 6 Problems with OBEX Tiles.
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6 Problems with OBEX Tiles

Why we don’t recommend using OBEX Tiles for most applications

We’ve recently had customers ask about OBEX tiles, but they are not something we sell. We have written before about Australian companies that supply carpet tiles, but not OBEX specifically.

We try to always offer an impartial account of all matting products, including the disadvantages. So, we will be honest about why we don’t sell OBEX tiles.


Problems with OBEX tiles

  1. They are not absorbent

OBEX tiles are made from plastic, which is not an absorbent material. While the coarse carpet infill will scrape and remove water, it is drained into the mat. This water needs to be removed periodically, or the entrance is at risk of flooding or becoming a slip hazard.

The ideal carpet tiles will be made of an absorbent material such as polypropylene or nylon.


  1. They wear quickly

OBEX tiles wear down very quickly, which means their traction deteriorates quickly too. This is potentially dangerous or expensive to replace, as non slip matting is the most effective reduction of slips, trips, and falls in entranceways.


  1. They are difficult to recycle

Being made from coloured PVC means OBEX tiles are difficult to recycle. Plastic can typically be recycled into a shade darker than itself. That means clear and white plastic can be recycled and turned into any other colour, but black plastic is very limited.

For more sustainable matting options, check out these eco-friendly mats.


  1. They shrink over time

OBEX tiles are made using a process called injection moulding. The plastic is heated to a liquid, poured into a mould and cooled to set. This process means that the mat will shrink over time, leaving an unattractive gap around the edge: a trip hazard.

Shrunken OBEX Tiles.


  1. They are difficult to clean

The coarse fibres of OBEX tiles attract a lot of dust and debris. This is very difficult to vacuum and usually needs to be picked out by hand. There are alternative mats that are much easier to clean, such as this Nylon Twist Pile Mat.

Dirty OBEX Tile Mats


  1. They can split apart

Interlocking OBEX tiles are prone to coming unattached, especially under the pressure of wheeled traffic. The tiles tend to pop apart, with outer edges raising. This is potentially very dangerous and a trip hazard you’ll want to avoid.

OBEX Tile lifting


Still want OBEX tiles?

If you think OBEX tiles are right for you, we can point you in the right direction. We don’t sell them ourselves, but some other great retailers do:



Milliken Floor Covering are a US-based floor supplier that ship globally.


Mat World

Mat World has a large distribution network across Australia, offering standard and custom matting solutions.


Oz Floor

Oz Floor sells a huge range of carpet tiles, including OBEX.


OBEX Tiles: The good the bad and the dangerous.

There are positives and negatives to using OBEX tiles, but we do not recommend them for entranceways that expect a medium or high level of traffic. If you are not sure what traffic level your entrance falls under, check out this guide.

For personalised assistance choosing the perfect matting, reach out to the team using the chat function below. As always, you can reach us on 1300 628 746 or at [email protected] too.

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