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4 Major Benefits of Using Front Door Entrance Mats in Your Workplace

It’s not just your employees that bring in dirt from outside, as you may have visitors like customers and clients, deliveries, cleaners and tradespeople who all come from different environments and may track dust, mud, moisture and bacteria into your office.

One way to stop dirt and dust from even entering your building is to have entry mats at every door. These are also known as walk-off mats and are your first line of defence for keeping your office clean. Here are some of the major benefits that entrance mats could bring to your workplace:


Studies show that up to 85% of workplace dirt is walked in through the front door so putting the right mats at your entrance ways provides a safer and more hygienic work environment for everyone. You could consider sticky mats that literally grab the dirt off your shoes, rubber matting that brushes the muck off shoe soles or grooved designs that scrape off moisture and dirt. There are also anti-microbial mats that are perfect for clean rooms, labs and surgeries.

Reduces workplace injuries

Falls from slips and trips are a common cause of workplace injuries, which can cost you and your employees a lot of pain and money. Mats not only provide more grip on slippery surfaces but also reduce the amount of dirt, mud and moisture that is tracked into the building - all of which can lead to slips. 

Save money

Matting prevents floor damage like scratches and stains and reduces wear and tear in high traffic areas. This increases the life of your floors while reducing the need to spend large amounts on cleaning. Mats are also a safe and green alternative to overusing harsh chemicals to keep your office flooring clean.


Mats don’t have to be boring or ugly. Pick a colour and texture that suits your office decor or get a customised mat with your brand name on it to make a statement to your customers as soon as they arrive.

Essentially, entrance mats ensure that some of the outside dirt stays on the mat instead of ending up inside your building for you to clean up.

So, why wouldn’t you use them?

2013-12-30 01:58:00