A man in a suit is lying underneath a pile of cardboard boxes. The blog header reads 26 Things Not to Do at Work.
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26 Things to Not Do at Work

Even the most highly developed safety systems in the world are still going to fail if you can’t get the ‘people component’ right. To err is human, so building an effective safety system means trying to eradicate human error. Unfortunately, some people can err in spectacular ways, so brace yourselves for a parade of occupational health and safety fails inspired by none other but the human race.

1. You know you’re in Australia when you see this, but wait till you see what he’s wearing on his head...


2. We know it’s hot mate, but you’re not going to last 'til smoko in that hat.


3. This is more of a disc fail than a safety fail, but can you imagine if he wasn’t wearing his safety gear?


4. Imagine if he was wearing this DIY welding mask instead?


5. There are times when a hi-vis vest and hard hat probably won’t be enough to keep you safe.


6. Everyone wants cheering up when there’s an emergency, that’s why we built this fun-packed obstacle course to the fire exit.


7. This poor guy couldn’t get anyone to hold the ladder. I’m sure he’ll be fine... maybe.


8. If it weren’t for their safety hats and uniforms you’d think these guys were performing a circus act.


9. It’s great when you can park your work vehicle so close to home.


10. Just enough fire extinguisher to snuff out a candle.


11. This workplace is ready for any emergency. Chocolate is within reach, and the fire extinguisher is ... well, at least they tried.


12. You don’t want to get your rubber soled shoes wet.


13. Can’t find the remote for the air conditioning unit? This guy looked everywhere.


14. It’s cold comfort that at least five adults thought this was a safe way to move a fridge.


15. When you see one of these signs you just know that someone tried to sue the company because their toaster got hot.


16. Only an adult should perform this activity? Not all adults should perform this activity, especially the ones who need signs like these


17. They should put these signs up in the supermarket in case everyone starts slipping grocery bags onto their feet as they pass through the fruit and vegetable section.


18. You can only hope this isn’t an emergency exit. Most people expect that an emergency exit will take them to safety, not put them in the Emergency Room.


19. You can thank the prop department for the drama on this work site.


20. This kind of design is just asking for an accident.


21. We’ll talk about work safety when we get back from our picnic lunch (if we make it).


22. It seemed like a good idea at the time, at least they aren’t outward opening windows.


23. This guy ignored all the warning signs about putting bags over your head to avoid suffocation. He must have thought that warning was only for kids. Anyway, the versatile plastic bag is great protection when you’re angle grinding - apparently.


24. I’m going to do a great job on that cornice over the stairs, even if it kills me. And it probably will.


25. They told him he wouldn’t need safety boots for this job, they probably wouldn’t have helped. It might have been a good idea to wear sunscreen though, or maybe even a safety harness.


26. Jack was pushing for a safer work environment, but Jacob said he’d rather take the fall.


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