Wet Weather Mats

Mat Shop manufactures a complete range of mats that are designed to remove moisture from feet and wheeled traffic as they pass over the mats. Whether you are looking for a solution installed into a floor recess or simply a temporary mat that can be rolled...Read more

Arranging Your Desk and Workspace for Maximum Productivity

Whether you work in a corporate office or at your desk from home, it’s crucial that your workspace is a place that you enjoy being in. Not only do you spend the majority of your day sitting in this space, but our workspaces can have a significant impact...Read more

The Risks and Hazards in Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are exposed to a number of risks and hazards – from burns, cuts, and fractures to electrocution, slips, and fatigue. Identifying and minimising the risk of injury in a commercial kitchen will keep your staff safer and happier. Is...Read more

Keeping Your Kids Safe by the Pool this Summer

A swimming pool can provide years of fun and great memories for everyone in the family. Swimming also provides beneficial fitness, and teaches kids that healthy exercise can be fun. Swimming pools can also present real dangers, however. In most cases of a...Read more

How to Use the 3 Most Popular Exercise Machines

Thinking of sticking to your New Year’s resolution and actually joining the gym this time? Way to go! We’ll make sure you look like a regular from the moment you walk through those doors by outlining the proper way to use the three most popular pieces...Read more

Confessions of a Hospital Nurse

We’ve all been under the care of a nurse before – whether it’s in hospital or as a small child receiving an injection. They’re trustworthy and caring, always seeking out what’s best for you and looking to make the doctor’s job as easy as p...Read more

Top 6 Cars for Tradies

Car choice comes down to what you need and what you can afford. Low interest loans make new car buying affordable, and can be exactly what you need to present the right image to prospective customers. Customers looking for a tradesperson who’ll offer pr...Read more

People Who Should be Banned From the Gym

You spend a lot of time at the gym. It‘s precious time. It’s your time. Some people just don’t get it and, to make it worse, they usually come in at the same time as you – every day. Instead of letting these people ruin your workout, write out...Read more

You Know You’ve Been in Hospitality Too Long When…

Hospitality can be a good way to pay the bills while you’re studying, and a great way to develop skills you’ll need for other jobs. From the boardroom to the classroom, people like to be treated as a valued guest, so hospitality training is a good ski...Read more

Do You Know Which Knives to Use in the Kitchen?

Knowing which cutlery to use may be a sign of ‘good breeding’, but knowing which knife to use in the kitchen is a sign that the food you cook is going to be good. No matter which fork you use or how you hold it, your skills in the kitchen are the ones...Read more