Anti Fatigue Mats

Create comfort, reduce fatigue and prevent the physical stress & tiredness to your body caused by standing all day by using an effective anti-fatigue mat.

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Hard floors hurt workers.

Standing all day for a job shouldn’t cause excessive pain, however hard floors and long shifts are a recipe for aching muscles and low productivity. Back pain, aching legs, pins and needles, constant shifting and strained joints are all symptoms of prolonged standing - but only when the surface isn't right. 

Anti-fatigue mats create a flexible barrier between feet and the hard floor, making standing safer and more comfortable. In kitchens, factories and offices, protect your workers from excessive pain and injury while standing.

Support your feet

These mats allow your muscles to flex and stretch all day as they naturally should. While concrete and other hard floors force the body to stay in one position all day, a cushioned surface prevents your body from seizing up and helps you stand your ground. Look for comfortable and supportive mats that offer flexibility without making it hard to balance.

Boost productivity

Improved concentration and reduced pain is the main benefit for workers, but the business as a whole will also reap the benefits of a comfy mat. Multiple studies have found that workers spent less time spent shifting positions when standing on a comfort mat. By reducing fatigue, staff are more alert and therefore proactive.

Mats with drainage

Hospitality workers need comfort and support too. Areas that see liquid spills can be made double as safe with mats that make standing more comfortable and prevent water pooling all over the floor. Holes allow for water or fluids to pass through without causing a slip hazard or making a mess.

For help deciding which fatigue mat is best for you, check out the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find your question, reach out to one of our friendly matxperts who are always happy to assist.

What to look for when choosing a Mat Manufacturer?

The best antifatigue mat manufacturers will produce a range of anti fatigue mats as there is no one size fits all. When you are choosing a manufacturer ensure that they are asking questions related to your exact applications.

These will include questions related to exposure; Will the anti-fatigue mat be exposed to grease, fats or oils? Will your mat be exposed to chemicals, coolants or fluids? Is the mat being used in a wet area or a dry area?

To determine if the mat will adhere to the floor you will be asked; What type of floor will your mat be placed onto, Are there drains or floor waste grates under the mat, How often do you intend to have the floor underneath cleaned?

Another important question set that they will ask is related to traffic volumes; Are trolleys going over your mat? If it is a long line or walkway, how many staff stand on the anti fatigue runner? Are staff walking up and down or just standing?

Manufacturing anti fatigue mats can take up to 2 weeks depending on volume. For large orders and depending on factory capacity lead times will be longer.


What do anti fatigue mats do?

Anti fatigue mats provide a cushioned but supportive surface between the sholes of your feet and a hard floor. This lets your muscles flex and move, keeping your blood flowing freely and preventing cramp and fatigue.

Are anti fatigue mats worth it?

Yes, if you or your employees stand on solid surfaces for more than a couple of hours each day, anti fatigue mats are well worth it.

Do anti fatigue mats work?

Anti fatigue mats have been proven effective in numerous clinical trials. For more information, read about the anti fatigue mat studies that prove their effectiveness.

How do anti fatigue mats work?

Anti fatigue mats are made from a flexible material. This provides relief from fatigue and pain by giving your body the opportunity to readjust and manoeuvre itself as is natural to us.

How long do anti fatigue mats last?

Depending on your traffic level, application and the area you place it, your anti fatigue mat can last many years. We have installed mats that have lasted in excess of 15 years and are still providing comfort to staff standing for long periods of time.

Are anti fatigue mats required by law?

The legal requirements for anti fatigue matting varies by state. But all regions require employers are required to provide adequate prevention of workplace injury. For more information on who is responsible for providing anti fatigue measures, check out SafeWork’s Guide to Managing the Risk of Fatigue at Work

Can you put a chair on an anti fatigue mat?

There are some anti fatigue mats that would support a chair. You need a mat with a smooth and semi rigid surface like the Marble Design Durable PVC Comfort Mat.

A chair mat is a much better option for protecting the floor from chair casters. If you are looking for an anti fatigue mat for a sit-stand desk, the Resilient Ultra High Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat is your best option. You can’t place a chair on this type of mat as it will be unstable and damage the mat and create a safety hazard.

Do you need an anti fatigue mat for a standing desk?

Depending on the time you spend standing at your desk, desk mats might be a great idea. Generally, standing for extended periods of time i.e. longer than 2 hours can begin to cause health problems.

If you are regularly standing for any time, we do recommend an anti fatigue mat to make it more comfortable.

How often should anti fatigue mats be replaced?

All our mats come with at least a 1-year warranty. That’s because our products are designed to last. Cheaper anti fatigue mats might need to be replaced after just a few months, as the bevelled edge may curl and create a trip hazard or the mat cracks or splits.

You can expect to get many years use out of a good quality heavy duty one. Wear is a better indicator of use than time, so look for holes, dents and misshapenness in your mat.

How do you clean anti fatigue mats?

Cleaning anti fatigue standing mats is easy, because they are mostly made from rubber. Simply sweep, vacuum or blow off the mats if they are used in dry areas. For stains or marks caused by spills, consider a diluted detergent such as spray and wipe.

The design of anti fatigue mat that is hardest to clean is one with holes as dirt tends to gather inside the holes.

The first step in cleaning a mat with holes is to take the mat up and sweep the floor underneath. Take the mat outside and hose using water or blow the mat down with air or vacuum or sweep. If you use water make sure the mat is dry before reusing. This is to make sure the mat remains anti slip.

What are anti fatigue mats made of?

Most anti fatigue mats are made from rubber, but other materials include plastic, poly urethane and foam. Different materials have different properties, so check out the anti fatigue mat buying guide for more information. As always, our team of matxperts are on hand to give you personalised anti fatigue mat advice and recommendations.

Where do you buy anti fatigue mats?

Buy high quality mats online confidently from Matshop. We are Australia’s favourite Matshop for one reason: our products. All our mats come with industry-leading warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are anti fatigue mats bad for you?

No. Anti fatigue mats are beneficial to health and wellbeing. They allow for continual circulation in your feet and legs improving blood flow through your body. The right anti fatigue mat can protect your body from strain, injury and even long term illness.

How thick should an anti fatigue mat be?

The ideal thickness for an anti fatigue mat depends on the application. Typically 14mm thick is the perfect thickness. Ensure thicker mats are finished with a bevelled edge or ramped edge to prevent tripping.

High traffic areas that need wheeled access and water drainage are likely to be thinner than a single person standing desk anti fatigue mat. View our complete range of comfort standing mats to find out more.

Anti Fatigue Mats