Anti Fatigue Mats

Hard floors hurt workers.

Standing all day for a job shouldn’t cause excessive pain, but hard floors and long shifts are a recipe for aching muscles and low productivity. Back pain, constant shifting and strained joints are all symptoms of prolonged standing - but only if the surface isn't right. Anti fatigue mats create a flexible barrier between feet and the hard floor, making standing safer and more comfortable. From Canberra to NZ, protect your workers from excessive pain and injury while standing.

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Floor mats that support your feet

Comfy anti fatigue mats allow your muscles to flex and stretch all day as they naturally should. While concrete and other hard floors force the body to stay in one position all day, a cushioned surface prevents your body from seizing up and helps you stand your ground.

Anti fatigue floor mats for better working

Improved concentration and reduced pain is the main benefit for workers, but the business as a whole will also reap the benefits of a comfy mat. Multiple studies have found that workers spent less time spent shifting positions when standing on an anti fatigue mat.

Anti fatigue kitchen mats with drainage

Hospitality workers need comfort and support too. Areas that see liquid spills can be made double as safe with mats that make standing more comfortable and prevent water pooling all over the floor. Holes let water pass through without causing a slip hazard or making a mess.

For help deciding which anti fatigue mat is best for you, reach out to one of our friendly matxperts who will be happy to assist.

Anti Fatigue Mats